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Location and Scope

MRI Master ( is an educational platform operated from London, United Kingdom. Our website offers a comprehensive array of resources related to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques, covering planning, anatomy, physics, pathology, and artifacts. The core focus of MRI Master is to provide valuable insights and knowledge to radiographers and radiologists, enhancing their proficiency and understanding in the field of MRI.


Rejosh George (BSc, Pgc MRI) – Main Author

Rejosh George is the main author and creator of the content on MRI Master. He has meticulously curated and authored topics in planning, anatomy, physics, and artifacts. With a background in radiography, Rejosh George holds the position of Superintendent Radiographer at LNWUH NHS Trust in the UK. His extensive expertise has played a pivotal role in shaping the informative content offered by MRI Master.

Joylene Dela Cruz (BSc Radiography, BSc Human Biology) – Author and Editor

Joylene Dela Cruz is a dedicated MRI Radiographer at LNWUH NHS Trust in the UK. She specializes in cardiac anatomy and has also excelled as a scriptwriter and editor for MRI Master videos. With a strong background in radiography and human biology, Joylene has contributed significantly to the educational resources provided by the platform.

Olivia Stewart (BSc Radiography, ex-BBC Journalist) – Author, Editor, and Video Contributor

Olivia Stewart, a Senior MRI Radiographer at LNWUH NHS Trust, UK, has contributed as an author in the artifact section. With a unique background that includes a BSc in Radiography and experience as an ex-BBC journalist, Olivia has not only enriched the platform’s content but also played an integral role as a scriptwriter, editor, and actor in MRI Master videos.

Ritu Singh (BSc, Pgc Radiography) – Author and Editor

Ritu Singh, a Senior MRI Radiographer based in the UK, has made substantial contributions to the  liver imaging sections of MRI Master. Her expertise enhances the diversity and depth of information available on the platform, catering to the learning needs of professionals in the field.


Dr. Rajapandian Ilangovan – Consultant Radiologist

Dr. Rajapandian Ilangovan is a seasoned Consultant Radiologist associated with the Intestinal Imaging Centre at St Mark’s Hospital in London. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the content available on MRI Master.

O. Stewart (Bsc Radiography) – Senior MRI Radiographer

O. Stewart, a Senior MRI Radiographer in the UK, contributes to the editing process at MRI Master. With a strong background in radiography, their insights contribute to the quality and precision of the platform’s resources.

Joylene Dela Cruz (BSc Radiography, BSc Human Biology) – Senior MRI Radiographer

Joylene Dela Cruz, a Senior MRI Radiographer from the UK, plays an instrumental role in the editorial process at MRI Master. Leveraging her profound radiography expertise, she significantly enhances the platform’s resource accuracy and excellence.

MRI Master is built on the collective knowledge and expertise of these dedicated individuals who strive to provide comprehensive and accurate information to the MRI community, enhancing professional practices and patient care.